2 years old

2 years old
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Calendar Girl

Maddison was choosen to be in the Northern Virginia Calendar!!  We are so excited!  When we first had Maddison, we received a calender.  I remember looking at it, thinking about it, and wondering what our life was going to be like.  Was is going to be like the people in the calendar?  Will we make it through our month long NICU stay?  Where will we go from here? Will people still look at us the same? We received so much information it was overwhelming, but the canlendar was just pictures and smiles.

When my teenage daughter hung the calendar on her bedroom door, I was very happy.  To me it meant that she had accepted the diagnosis, and she would follow our lead.  I know it was just a calendar, but it was so telling with the children's smiles and laughter, that the future was not only bright but happy!  How true it turned out be!

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