2 years old

2 years old
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When does the Down syndrome Start???

When does the Down syndrome start??  That is what my niece asked me the other day. She was in kindergarten with a little girl who had Down syndrome, so she is wondering if Maddison will act like her.  She said Natasha ran around screaming alot!  I said we hope Maddison won't be doing that. She's usually pretty content to hang out on your lap.  She's hanging with her Grandmommy.

People have asked me so where does Maddison stand with her ability to learn?  I personally think she is a genius!!  She is getting over a cold and when she coughs I say Are you okay, and then she tries to pat herself on the back like I do to help her cough.  She has also learned how to blow her nose, which I might add is much younger than my other 3 kids were when they learned.  Everyday she makes me laugh!!  She has learned a new dance move!!   She takes her thumbs and sticks them out and then moves her middle around like she is doing the hulu!!  Definately going to post the video tomorrow! 

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