2 years old

2 years old
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 (A note to Maddison from her momma.)

A note to Maddison from her momma.

To my adorable, wonderful, amazing little girl.  Two and half years have just flown by.  I have loved every minute with you!  Your beautiful, funny, and extremely smart.  Your signing is amazing.  Your really trying to form words, and you can match things so quickly.  I'm having such a fun time raising you.  You make me smile everyday.  I really couldn't ask for a better little girl. I would love to take you to the first doctor we saw and say to Dr. Doomsday, (our made up name) YOU WERE WRONG!!!!  There is more than just the statistic that people who have children with Down syndrome stay married longer and we have children who are more empathetic.  THERE IS ALSO THIS, MADDISON.  Something and someone that is so wonderful, you left that part out.  I wish I had the courage to go to that doctors office and sit outside of the door so when women walked in for their sonogram, or amnio they would see the truth.  They would see Maddison. She is not scary, or difficult, she is wonderful and full of love to share, with everyone.  

Oh my little Maddison the happiness you brought to my life is really indescribable.  May you always know you are loved so very much from your momma. From the second I finally got to see you in the NICU to this very moment, I love you and you complete me!  I look forward to our life together!  You and Me and Me and You!!  


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