2 years old

2 years old
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Pretty Princess is TWO!

It's really impossible to believe my little girl is two.  I think back exactly two years ago and reflect on the life I was living.  It was CRAZY.  Maddison was in the hospital for so long.  I missed my other 3 kids terribly.  I can imagine and feel every emotion I was going through.  I can remember so vividly sitting in the hospital cafeteria thinking "look at all these people they are here with a story possibly with so much sadness."  I really felt like I could relate.  I had so much sadness not knowing if Maddison was going to be okay. 

Thank you God for my little girl and the most wonderful 2 years anyone could ask for!  She is really a blessing to Our family I can't believe how much love she has to give and how much everyone loves her. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

End the Word........ These are not my words but I can't think of a better way to say how I feel and how Maddison's feels....This is written by my favorite Blogging mom, she has Addison

"That movie was retarded."
Translation: "That was the worst movie I've ever seen."

"Seriously I can't believe you did that. You're such a retard."
Translation: "Wow you're an idiot."

"Hahahaha, that was the most retarded thing I've ever seen."
Translation:"That just took STUPID to a new level."
"That outfit doesn't go together at all. It looks so retarded."
Translation:"That looks horrible!"

Whether or not you've found yourself saying that word in such a context, sadly, many other people have.

Unfortunately, society has taught us that it's a cool word to slip into everyday vocabulary. Hollywood still uses it. Popular books still use it.
Maybe you have never even considered why this might be a problem or an offense. I'm not here to judge you if you have said it in the past or find it on the tip of your tongue now.

But I am here to help you become aware of what it means and why saying it isn't in anyone's best interest.

Retard: to make slow; delay the development or progress of; hinder or impede.

The truth is-
my daughter is retarded.

Beautiful Addison who I love more than anything holds the medical diagnosis of "mentally retarded".

Every time you flippantly replace "horrible", "stupid" or "idiotic" with the word "retarded" you might as well replace it with "Addison" instead.

and that hurts. more than I could ever express to you.

Because if you know Addison AT ALL you know that she is neither "stupid" or "idiotic" or "horrible".
She is a gorgeous, sweet, curious, amazing, SMART little girl.

"Be the bigger person"
"Words can't hurt you"
"Stop being so sensitive- it's just a word!"

You may give excuses as to why the offense is my fault, but the truth is?
This is about making the world a more accepting place- a place full of dignity and respect for ALL. I can just stay in my corner, wiping away the tears from seeing people I love dearly place this word on their facebook status in a laughable fashion. I can tuck away the hurt and deal with it the same way I deal with other hurts that may come my way.

But that won't help the world accept Addison or others with intellectual disabilities. That won't raise awareness that an entire population segment right now is being degraded through every day conversation under the guise of being cool and hip.

Addison is a person- just like you and me.

and she deserves all the respect and dignity that you can offer because everything that comes so easily to you and me, she has to work at least TWICE as hard to achieve. That deserves admiration and hey-RESPECT

and part of that means

please. cut it out of your vocabulary. Just don't say it!

I am begging you.

and someday?
Addison will thank you too.