2 years old

2 years old
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Maddison is walking EVERYWHERE!

I honestly can not believe Maddison is walking so well.  She is getting so big. I really wanted her to walk by her second birthday, AND SHE DID!!  It was so cute she started out with her hands to the sky and her legs were so wobbely.  In just 2 short months she has mastered walking with her hands down or toys in hands, or trying to walk very quickly.  (Not really running but she thinks she is)  Everyday she amazes me more and more.  When I read other peoples blogs I feel like I am so lucky with how healthy she is.  We have NO heart problems, NO eating problems, NO health problems, her thyroid is now regulated.  She is just perfect!
I just adore her and love her so very much.  All day she would sit and listen to books if time allowed.  She loves books and music.  I wish everyone could meet her because she is the most adorable baby ever!  I wish everyone who was pregnant and received a diagnosis of Down syndrome could meet her, they'd love her and think I would love a baby just like this!