2 years old

2 years old
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almost 16 months

It seems as though I am skipping alot!  But I wanted to catch up to TODAY.  I would like to Blog daily about Maddison and her achievments. 

So today is a typical day for us!  It's Sunday!  I got up with Maddison and fed her a bottle. I love her still being on the bottle.  She is still having a hard time with a cup or straw.  I know her and I know she will get it.  I have bought every cup there is and tried everything. Slowly but surely she is starting to show interest.  No hurry though, I'm not rushing her. 

Currently she is learning sign language. At first I thought this would truely hinder her speech.  But Dr. Gwanter informed my Ds children are visual.  Let her learn the easiest way for her.  I love that analogy.  Why not have any EXTRA skill anyway.  She could be bilingual and get paid signing in the future.  Currently she knows:

How Big is Maddison???  Then she stretches her arms big and tall. 
Eat, she does that perfect and brings her hand to her mouth, sometimes, a little harder than she should. 
More, she does her hands perfectly touching them together, while giggling adorably.
All done, she puts them down and out just like your supposed to. Smartest baby in the world or course!

For her words,
DADA which I think she knows it's her daddy
MAMA which I believe she knows is me because she says it when she is tired and crawling after me.
U U U U which is Up for when she wants me to pick her up.
WOWOWOW which is look at me, I'm great.

There is not a day or moment that goes by that I don't relish in having her.  I feel she is the perfect gift from God, and I thank him so often!

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