2 years old

2 years old
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maddison was supposed to start preschool on Tuesday.  I mentally prepared myself for her to go and leave me, and make new friends.  But last Thursday my husband had a better idea, for her not to go.  So I called up the County and told them Maddison will not be coming.  They said oh okay, would it be better if she didn't go to the school but have the teacher came to your house?  Ummmm, Yeah, that sounds great!  So now she is going to have a teacher come here once a week instead of her leaving here twice a week.  I really like this idea much, much, better, I wish it would have been proposed a little earlier and that would have saved me so much wasted worrying time.  She starts on Friday I am so excited.  Then we can decide in a few months if she will be ready to go and If I like the teacher, We will  (possibly) let her go, and by possibly let her go I really mean, most likely not. :)  Although I really wish she had a friend to play with.  Now with her siblings in school, she is looking to me for all her entertainment, and I am not that entertaining. You think this being kid number 4 it would be easy for me to send her to school, but somehow I think I am getting worse at it, not better.
Wish I could have a summer redo....it went by way to fast!

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