2 years old

2 years old
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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well I guess there is good news and bad.  Maddison is not in extreme danger, like I had pressumed.  She is going to have to be on medicine for the rest of her life!  She will need blood work forever, which I really hate! 

But I truely do feel blessed.  We have made it this far without to much trouble!

I met a little boy that has Down syndrome at the doctors office.  He was one, and he cried ALOT.  I felt like he must be in some kind of pain.  His mommy sat him next to Maddison on the floor.  He was trying sooooo hard to sit up.  Every time he cried out Maddison's lip would poke out a little further.  She hates screaming.

She did get to swing today!  Which made all the doctors disapear for awhile!

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  1. Glad she's not in extreme danger... WHEW. What will the medicine be for?