2 years old

2 years old
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Friday, October 28, 2011

My baby loves her some Kim!

I was having a really, really bad day!  Maddison had blood work and they couldn't get any blood, so after sticking her and wiggling it around in her arm for a really long time, like 1 hour (or really a minute) then they did the other arm and luckily it worked, but only after lots of sceaming, kicking, and mommy pouring sweat lots of sweat.  And lucky her thyroid is still outta whack so we get to repeat it all again is six weeks.  On my home I was thinking I should go see my friend Kim.  I needed to see a happy smiling face.  Maddison instantly feel in love.  I have never seen her hug someone so much. There was so much hugging, I might have been a little jealous.  I thought my sister was Maddison's favorite but I am starting to wonder if she is going to have some competition. Kathy, if your reading get here and see your niece!! 

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