2 years old

2 years old
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Off Baby Fomula :) and climbing!

Finally!! Maddison is off baby formula.  We really liked her getting the water that you mix with the powder so we knew for sure she is getting water during the day.  She still doesn't drink well from a cup and is getting a little better with juice boxes. I had read on so many blogs about juice boxes and thought there has to be a better therapy cup........ but really there isn't .  The honey bear....it's okay.  The cut out cup is pretty good for her with thicker liquids.  It's amazing something as simple as drinking has been such a chore.  I know I should have done the swallow study, but I just couldn't make her sit through another X-Ray or scan.  Even if she had a problem with swallowing the only solution is to thicken her liquids, so we skipped the study and thickend her liquids anyway. When she was in the NICU, they came by every couple of days and did an X-ray.  I hated it.  I try to avoid anything uncomfortable for her now.  I really have a huge appreciation of the bliss I lived through with my other 3 kids.  We never knew all the things that could be challenging and never had the appreciation for all the little things, like we do now! Everyday is a new and exciting adventure.  Maddison's new challenge is climbling up the stairs.  I spent countless hours keeping the other 3 kids off the stairs, now I'm taking Maddison over to them daily and we are teaching her how to climb.  She really likes it! Look at her go!

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